Disaster Recovery

In addition to organizations using IF&D Colocation and DataSuites as their secondary or primary server environment for continuity and/or recovery of business, IF&D and 6/10 own and operate the Florida Business Continuity Center (FBCC) – a full service Workforce Recovery Services center used by customers as an alternate work site in the event of a disaster, outage, and/or other primary office availability-related issues. The FBCC is located adjacent to the IF&D data center.

The FBCC has the infrastructure and amenities in place to support its clients’ mission-critical requirements and ensure continuity of operations and business functions including:

  • Over 125+ available workspace position cubicles
  • Modern personal computer systems
  • High-speed Internet and Network connectivity
  • Digital IP-PBX with basic/advanced feature sets
  • Access to office equipment (copiers, fax, etc)
  • On-site experienced technical support
  • 24x7x365 security and monitoring
  • Equipment storage areas
  • Kitchen, break room, bathroom and shower facilities
  • Conference rooms
  • Private offices available

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